The designer

Carolina Socías created her autonomous label in 2013, aspiring to place the Dominican Republic at the center of international acclaim. Her artful creations are a form of expressing the need and desire to love, live, and elevate the Dominican Republic to a global context. Her mission is to create comfortable, durable ensembles and flattering swimwear for women. What she does best: make women feel empowered in their own skin with designs that exalt their attributes.

Since 2012, while running her own fashion label, Socías has worked alongside; and as a designer; of the iconic Dominican lifestyle brand, Jenny Polanco. A role that gave her unparalleled know-how in the industry, giving her the necessary expertise to run a brand and understanding manufacturing from beginning to end. This experience gave her the required proficiency behind retail and distribution in the local fashion industry.

By immersing herself in Polanco's world for 11 years, she reaffirms love for her country, one that wouldn't awaken her need to use her work as a vehicle to highlight her culture.

After years of struggles finding manufacturers, she opened her workshop in 2020, to oversee her entire productions and insure outstanding quality. A pioneer in her market, she offers her space to motivate local production without minding minimums.